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MECHATRONIX is manufacturing Road Blockers since 2009. We have 400+ Installations of Road Blockers in all over Pakistan. Mechatronix Electro-Hydraulic Road Blockers named as “MEX RISING KERB“ are designed for maximum perimeter security. The K12 crash rating designed wedge barrier deters traffic and is highly visible when in use. The road blockers feature manual raising and lowering, and install flush to the finished roadway when retracted.

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Integrated Features

  • Mild Steel Structure
  • PLC
  • Hydraulic Unit
  • Electrical Motor
Mild Steel Structure

Mild Steel Structure

Mild steel, also known as plain-carbon steel, Mild steel can be further strengthened through the addition of carbon.

Mechatronix Road Blockers are available in two variations!

D-Type Road Blocker

The D-Type Road Blocker is housed in a cuboid metal casing which is buried 4 feet below the ground level. The checkered sheet is flushed to the ground level. The blocking element rises to a height of 30 inches above ground level.

Surface Mount Road Blocker

Surface Mount Road Blocker utilizes a pit mounted, wedge style system. The structure is installed just 8 inches deep into the ground, with its checkered sheet flushed to the roadway.It can also be installed with a small height above ground level, in case of which a ramp is made right next to the blocker.

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