FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most frequently asked questions about our products and services.

Yes they are. We provide Simulation Results equivalent to Crash Rating k-4, k-8 and k-12 tests.

Yes, Mechatronix provides after sales service support to end-user including complete services with micro and macro parts.

Depending upon SITE. If SITE is not in remote Area then it is FOC. Otherwise additional transportation and Installation charges are charged for Remote Areas like Balochistan.

Yes. As we are a local manufacturer of Security Items, it will be repaired without any additional cost on the condition that the specific part is in warranty period.

Yes we have provided it before to clients like MountFuji Textiles, Anoud Textile, Ihsan Sons etc.

Yes, Mechatronix IT department offers both hardware and software to integrate it with any online attendance system with ID, face and RFID recognition.

We provide Fire Rated Doors with 60, 90 and 120 minutes fire ratings.

Yes. Each tyre killer is tested completely before the deployment. Once deployment is done, we test again to make sure the durability and reliability is at par with our standards.

Area Scan Technology has been introduced by M/s. Mechatronix to clients like World Bank Islamabad, FC Turbat etc.