Full Height Turnstile – Turnmex Secure

Full height turnstile is a fully secure solution for outdoor perimeter security. Mechatronix’ “TurnMex” delivers a broad range of flexible, robust & reliable solutions, modular designs are equipped with unidirectional & bidirectional units in single & double Lane configuration with 3 wings at (120 degree) & 4 wings (90 degree).

These turnstiles provide Easy & Quick integration with a wide range of biometric & CAS devices. The Robust design of Turnmex is easy to Install & power efficient. Dual lane Platinum with 3 & 4 wing configuration Quadra turnstile models are best choice for many customers. It provides Security with ease and aesthetics.

• Mechatronix provides 3 years warranty & after sale service under SLA.
• PLC based control panel, Quick & easy Integration with Access devices
• Heavy duty MEX-lock mechanism.
• Available in Stainless steel & mild steel Material.
• Fail-secure feature with manual release keys

full height turnstile integrated with access control system

Types – Full Height Turnstiles

4 wings full height turnstiles model

3 & 4 Wing Single Lane

Providing single lane options in 3 & 4 wings configuration solution. The standard 4 wing Rotor is placed at 90 degree and configurations & 3 wing at 120 degree.

4 wing single line turnstile

3 & 4 Wing Double Lane

The double lane configuration in 3 & 4 wings are usually for IN & OUT security control purpose. Dual lane option is suitable for many parametric security applications.

4 wing dual platinum full height turnstile

Dual Platinum

Dual Platinum full height turnstile is top solution for many indoor and outdoor security applications. It is the most durable solution with available optional accessories.

Single quadra full height turnstile model

Single Lane Quadra

TURNMEX Single lane Quadra is a secure and flexible solution for indoor & outdoor installations. The Qudra U-Shaped Rotor is available with 3 & 4 wings configuration.

single entrance full height turnstile (turnmex) in lahore

Product Description

Full Height Turnstiles are a highly secure choice for Access & perimeter Security. They are approximately 7.00 ft. The Robust & flexible design combined with reliable operating MEXLOCK mechanism.

They can be integrated with a wide range of biometric access controls. It is a complete solution for Time & Attendance, IN/OUT & Access Control. They can also be operated in free mode or through manual push.

These are available in various combinations & manufacturing materials, Uni & bi-directional configurations combined with single or double lanes. Finishing is available in Stainless steel as standard and mild steel as optional.

For any requirements of access control, full height turnmex can be used to provide the maximum security level at minimal effort applied. They are best suitable solutions for high security requirements. The applications of Full length turnstiles are Military & defense areas, Government facilities, Embassies, Educational sites & Offices, industry & manufacturing plants, Power plants, data centers, Refineries and other high security risk areas.

It combines with not just security but safety and access control features. The primary responsibility is to protest site, assets and control access of visitors & employees. They are ideal for outdoor & harsh environmental conditions.


Security & Safety Features:

  • Flexible & Robust MEX design for Outdoor Security Installations
  • Heavy duty mechanical MEXLOCK Mechanism
  • Available finishes are 304 Grade Stainless steel standard & Mild steel Powder coated finish as optional
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Electrical Panel
  • Mechanical key override feature – directional control Clockwise & Anti Clockwise
  • Quiet & buffered solenoids & pawls in TURNMEX
  • Solenoids rated for 100% duty cycles
  • Fiber locking disk and pawls – Quick & Low maintenance
  • Fail-Secure & Fail-Safe (optional) feature available
  • Manual push type operation feature is also available
  • Easy & Quick integration with wide range of Biometric & CAS devices
  • 3-Years Warranty & after sale service with parts under SLA

The Installation & complete drawings are available in brochure. For any further query feel free to contact us.

full height turnstile labeled diagram

Why Choose This Product!

Turnmex has capability of bi-directional locking that improves the worth of safety. This locking system enables both sides passing, one at once with locking or simultaneous sides as well. It supports multiple application and flow of traffic control.

It comes with both automatic and manual control system, if one somehow turns down the other is always there as secondary locking and both can be used for various purpose.

Mechatronix’s full height turnstiles are compatible to integrate with RFID and Biometric identification system, an essential security application widely used in organizations and cooperation’s. The structure and features can be designed on custom specifications.