Certified Fire Rated Doors!

The core purpose of fire rated door is to prevent the spread of fire & smoke. These doors are designed and used to slow down the prevention and spread of firestorm in household and commercial buildings.

They are commonly installed in commercial buildings, Offices, residential structures, and especially in public buildings.

The Mechatronix MEX fire doors are designed to block the flame and protect lives, building architecture and valuable assets. These doors are based on the world authentic standards of fire ratings moreover professional locally fabricated of both steel and wood.

• Rockwool, Ceramic Wool
• Honey Comb Panel, Air Chamber, Vacuum Chamber
• Panic Bar, Push Bar, Trim Lock
• Optional Door Automation/ Motorization

multiple images of fire exit doors installed at marriott islamabad

Types Of Available Fire Rated Doors

red colour single leaf fire door crafted by MCTX

Single Leaf

Single leaf Fire protection doors are fabricated to be installed in commercial areas. The standard size for single leaf is 3×7 ft. & 4×8 ft. The door optional accessories include Panic bar, handle, lock, hinges etc.

mecahtronix crafted two mat silver color fire proof doors

Double Leaf

The double leaf doors are installed in industrial facilities, towers, health care centers, educational institutes etc. The accessories include vertical or horizontal panic bars, Vision panels, optional louvers etc.

local fabricated fire doors in pakistan

Locally Fabricated

The core of the locally fabricated is economical solution having mineral rockwool, multi layer honeycomb or ceramic wool etc. The door finishing is painted as per customer specified requirements.

Product Description

These doors are designed, manufactured and tested by professional engineers and industry experts.

Our fire exit doors are fabricated to be installed in new and existing compartments areas that provides allowing time for occupants to escape in emergency. Steel crafted are usually used in shopping complexes, offices, factories and residential apartments.

Product Specifications:

  • Providing full range of sizes
  • High quality stainless steel hinges
  • High quality stainless steel handle
  • Door leaf with high quality fire resistance core
  • Choice of frames: wooden internal (standard), wooden embracing, steel frames (optional)
  • Provides wide range for finish & colors
  • Wide range of accessories and hardware available
fire rated door for emergency escape in open and closed state
Door Leaf Material  GI/Mild Steel/SS
Door Leaf Sheet  1.2mm thick sheet – GI/Mild Steel/SS
Door Thickness 44mm or 1.5 inches (Min)
Internal Insulator Paper Honeycomb/Rock Mineral Wool/Ceramic Wool
Door Frame Depth Normal Width of the frame: 115mm – 255mm
Door Frame Material 1.2 mm thick – GI/Mild Steel/SS
Anchors Different Anchors, such as adjustable vertical anchor, Tee anchor, wire anchor, floor base anchor and etc.
Frame Type Reinforced core frame with stiffeners and filled with Paper Honeycomb/Rockwool/Ceramic
Open & Closure Data Turn or slide, in or out, left or right
Fire Resistance 30 – 45 – 60 – 90 – 120 minutes
Certificates & Labels  BS EN 1634-1 , UL Certification (In Process)
Vision Panel With or without as requested
Louver With or without as requested
Accessories Lock, Handle, hinges, door closer, panic bar, Smoke Seals, and other as requested
Surface Finish Painted / Customer Choice

Other Features:

Standards & Certifications:

– Standard for Safety for fire tests of door assemblies, ANSI/UL10B

– Positive pressure blaze test of door assemblies, ANSI/UL10C

– Standard method for fire tests, CAN/ULC-S104-15

Fire Door Applications:

– High impact applications

– Utility buildings

– Residential applications

– Interior applications

– Education centers & embassies

– Building fire exit doors

– Commercial towers

– Health centers etc.

mechatronix fired protection door labeled visual

Door Accessories (Optional):

  • Heavy duty ball bearing steel hinges.
  • All doors are equipped with self-closing and self-latching flame proof/ certified hardware.
  • Smoke seals to control fire and smoke spread.

For more details & technical Specifications download our brochure or visit fire door blogs guidance and useful information.

Why Choose Our Doors?

Our fire rated door are designed and crafted to bear extensive fire heat for premium protection. Specially made from MS sheet pans, ceramics, honey comb panel with extra protection of epoxy and enamel coatings.

If you are worried about the build protection of the door, we are proud to present such special doors, that are not only heat proof but bullet and strike proof as well. These doors play a vital role for your security needs.

Mechatronics is always 1 step ahead to fulfill your security requirements. We provide you with most advance, modern and solid locking system in fire door, that keep safety at first and simply opened in emergency.

Even after the installation and testing process,we provide extra technical and non-technical support our clients providing highest level of satisfaction.