Flap Barrier – FlapMex

While tripod turnstiles have to be pushed to get across, flap barriers boast a contact-less solution. Our FlapMex flap barriers are driven by motorized mechanical kit and are equipped with IR sensors at entry and exit to check unauthorized human passage. Access control devices are housed on the top surface for granting entry permission and LED lights are used in various configurations for indication purpose.

• Stylish metal sheet body, Colorful top panel
• DC Brushless Motors, high performance, less power consumption
• High flap opening speed, high passage rate
• Customizable software solution
• Controlled with RFID/ biometric devices/ Face recognition unit

elegant flap barrier installed at capital smart city isb

Flap Barrier Types / Variations

Flap Barrier

Flap-Mex Standard

Standard single lane flap barrier for security & access control. The Robust & Aesthetically beautiful design enhance the look with maximum security. Widely used in offices & corporate places.

automatic smart flap barriers

Flap-Mex Multiple Lines

Flap-Mex can be arranged with single, double & multiple lane configurations. The Flap Barrier units do not cover wide space so a multiple lane setup can be installed in a narrow corridor.

Product Description:

Flap-Mex Barriers has an advanced system of detection & tracking sensors, indications & Aesthetics. The standard finish of flap barrier is the Stainless steel 304 grade & acrylic flaps. The top cover can be a marble or stainless steel. The Lighting or color is an optional feature.

The Units are equipped with detection sensor on each side for intrusion & Access detection. The speed of flaps can be adjusted.

It is a fails safe security system. In case of power failure, Fire alarm, or emergency, the arms will open automatically.

They are used to control the pedestrian access & flow in offices, buildings, banks and commercial areas etc. The motor driven flaps are equipped with sensors at waist height.

Safety & Security Features:

  • Robust design for Indoor/Outdoor Security Installations
  • Includes Two Aisles for Single Lane and 2 Aisles and 1 Middle Aisle
For Two Lanes
  • Available in 304 Grade Stainless steel / Mild steel Powder coated finish
  • Wing Flap Body: Acrylic
  • Max Power: Consumption 80Watt, 24VDC (Drive Board)
  • Opening time: Variable, depends on customer requirement
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based Electrical Panel
  • Transparent and Color Acrylic (Optional) with Back Light (optional) for aesthetics/Motion indication
  • Built-in Signal Lights
  • Easy & Quick integration with wide range of Biometric & CAS devices
  • 3-Years Warranty & after sale service with parts under SLA
automatic smart flap barriers

Why Choose This Product!

Security Barriers with delicate design and advance features of LED detection, automatic control and smart communication. With long lasting imported material and reliable tech support forever by Mechatronix makes the product superior in the market.

Our Flap Barriers are integrated with advance recognition system such as RFID, Biometric and ID detection. The processing is done milliseconds with super smooth rolling of barriers and herds.

Mechatronix offers face recognition and identification technology with smart barriers. Meeting the standards of modern era security enables multiple applications that keep smart organizations safe and more useful against COVID-19 protection.

If you are looking for a software with custom or certain requirements for organization, Mechatronix’s software team is capable of developing top-notch software applications that can be vital for your needs whether it is a cooperate, company, industry or any other.