Tyre Killers

Tyre Killers – “Mex Killer”

Mechatronix locally fabricated tyre killers named as “MEX-KILLERS” provide highest degree of protection against vehicle. The Tyre killers are the most appropriate solution for unauthorized vehicle access control. To control the access of vehicle form wrong side access. If vehicle attempts to enter through unauthorized side the tyre &/or Axles of the vehicle will be destroyed.

Tyre killer spikes are designed in a way that control the Entry & Exit points of perimeter. The Outdoor installation for maximum site security & access control flow. MEX-KILLERs are durable with heavy duty sharp spikes.

Mechatronnix offers standard 3 types of tire hunters with different spike positions & installation. Normally the raised height of spikes is 76 – 125mm. The load bearing Capacity of a killer machine is up-to 60 tons.


Tyre Killer Types

surface mount tyre killer

Surface Mount Tyre Killers

The surface mount tyre killer does not need any civil work or mounting depth. These can be quickly mounted without any site preparation.These are designed with a ramp either rounded or at some degree.

Surface mounts are the best choice for most of the sites where civil work or installation can be difficult. This is a heavy duty designed structure that prevents unauthorized vehicle access and secure the perimeter.

hydraulic operated tyre stopper

Manually Operated Tyre Killers

Manually operated tyre killers are the most suitable choice for no maintenance & easy operation. These tyre killers are maintenance free & spring free. The spikes are either works separately or joined with the single connected bar. Mechanical tyre killers default position is raised.

The Vehicle Entry through unauthorized side can strongly damage the vehicle tires. The spikes can be lowered all together when required.

Light duty tyre killer

Hydraulic Tyre Killer

The tyre killer operated through Hydraulic unit. Hydraulically operated tyre killers works smooth & fast. These tyre killers can stop a high speed vehicle that contains even a tonnage of weight.

The controlling drive unit is hydraulic and in case of power failure the tyre killer can be lifted or lowered manually with hand pump. Normally the raising & lowering time is around 3 Seconds. The time can be adjusted for sensitive or emergency case. The PLC based control unit can be integrated with wide range of access control devices.

Operation and Maintenance

Tyre killer has two modes, Armed and Unarmed. In the Armed mode, the spikes are raised so they damage the vehicle tires coming from the wrong/not allowed side whereas in unarmed mode spikes are lowered so tyre killer allows the vehicles to pass in both directions.

User can switch between the two modes of the tyre killer by moving the lever in the box attached at one side. Spikes of the tyre killer should be checked for free and obstruction free movement using manual up and down movement through lever. There should be no pebble, shopper or any other obstruction in the mechanical parts of the tyre killer.

If any of the spikes is damaged or deformed due to passing of vehicle at an angle, it should be hammered back to its original position for free movement.

Mechanism must be cleaned periodically for good working conditions. Dust and dirt is the most important factor which shortens mechanism life.

Tyre Killer - Directional Flow Contro

Safety & Security Features:

  • Heavy Duty Spikes Available in 10mm thick Mild steel.
  • Maintenance free & Easy Installation
  • Heavy Duty thick, Sharp MEX-Killing Spikes
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Steel powder coated frame to provide protection against rust & Corrosion in Extreme weather conditions.
  • Carry axle load up to 60 ton
  • Max passing velocity 60 km/hr.
  • Blocking height 75 – 125 mm above the ground level normally.
  • Mechanical lowering mechanism (Latch down mechanism)
  • Height 230mm, Depth 325mm, Length 4000mm
  • Operational environment temp -20 to +60 C
  • Manual & Hydraulic Operation with PLC based Control Panel
  • Easy & Quick integration with wide range of Biometric & CAS devices
  • 3-Years Warranty & after sale service with parts under SLA

Technical Specifications

Materials Mild steel
Spikes Blocking Height 75-125 mm (Standard)
Operation Hydraulic or Manual
Hydraulic Unit Mex Hydraulic Unit – 5 HP Motor
Operating Speed 1 – 3 Seconds (Adjustable)
Axel Load Capacity Up-to 60 tones
Control Panel PLC Based Control Unit
Treatments & Finish Hot Dip Galvanized & Powder Coated Finish
Working Humidity 0% ~ 95%
Recommended Installation Outdoor
Why Choose This Product!

Our Road Blockers can bear heavy load up to 30 tons and can easily stop small and large vehicles at high speed. These appliances achieve high security for confidential zones against forced entry or exit of vehicles whereby tyres are destroyed when forced entry or escape is attempted.

Can be manual/ automatic operated/ fully automatic control with central command and control for multiple units- with video feeds/ 2-way voice communication and central operation control with data processing.

It can be interfaced/linked with any Access Control System (ACS), Surveillance System, RFID and Traffic Monitoring System as well as to provide high security and safety.

We only design and deliver certified products from authorities and compelling the standards of security. Our tyre killers are certified from ISO, additionally they are extra heavy duty, built completely of stain less steel.