Under Vehicle Scanning System

Mechatronix is the premium security provider for Under Vehicle Surveillance. Providing cutting edge security & Surveillance to the sensitive perimeters. The Solution includes UVSS, Video Surveillance, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and Driver Facial Recognition & CCTV Solutions. The main Applications are high security risk areas. Military & government places, hotels & facilities those requiring entrance under vehicle Checking systems.

There are two main System for under vehicle. The Area Scan UVSS & Linear Scan. The effective AI based technology scans under the vehicle for explosive devices, objects & weapons either in the form of image or real time video.

Under vehicle monitoring is used as an effective way of security without disturbing the traffic flow. The under vehicle cameras scans the images or record the video and the system software & database effectively detects objects & generate an output within seconds.

The integration of automatic number plate recognition camera is the most powerful recognition system that reads alphabets, numbers & characters.

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Intelligent High Quality Automatic under Vehicle Surveillance technology

Automatic Foreign object detection Using Advance FOD Algorithm

4096p Resolution High Quality Output Image

Vehicle Speed up to 60 Km/Hr. – No speed detector required

Color area scan technology

Operating Environment -40 to 70 degree Celsius

Integration with Automatic Number plate Recognition (ANPR) & Driver facial Recognition Cameras

Easy to integrate & User friendly

3 Years warranty & after sale service with parts under SLA

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Product Types / Variations

uvss device integrated

Area Scan

Area scan Under Vehicle Surveillance system (UVSS) scans the 2D image in a single exposure of cycle. It captures both the horizontal & vertical elements. Area scan cameras are used usually for more general purpose.

under vehicle surveillance system parts

Line Scan

The Line Scan UVSS scans the image in a single shot. It has a single row of pixels. The image is constructed line by line. The quality of images is greater in line scan as compared with Area scan.

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